Our founder (portrait of Karl Huber)

Karl Huber was born in 1898 in Bad Peterstal in the Black Forest to a family which was to become one of the most prominent in the dental product field.

The technical know-how, which later enabled him to personally supervise the development of many of the innovative products as owner and Managing Director of the company, was gained during his training as a dental technician.

Subsequently employed for two years in the company run by his brother, Emil Huber (which was one of the largest dental product depots at the time), he gained the necessary commercial expertise which allowed him to start up his own firm.

In 1929, he founded Favorit - Vertrieb Karl Huber in Karlsruhe. The name Favodent (Fabrikation von Dentalwaren [manufacture of dental products]) appeared in addition to Favorit distribution in 1934, and the success story, which has continued until today, began.

Karl Huber