Favodent Karl Huber is originated from the company Favorit. In the years 1929 to 1934, Favorit produced and distributed dentistry products, such as:

  • Favorit warm and cold water syringes
  • Favorit cristobalite dental investment
  • Favorit impression plaster
  • Impression plaster, sterilisable per Dr. John Bolte
  • Favorit silicophosphate cement
  • Favorit silicate cement
  • Melotte"s metal
  • Moldine

It was the goal the company from the very beginning to meet the specific needs of its customers, at this time mainly dentists and dental technicians. In 1934, Favorit became Favodent Karl Huber.

With increasing attention being paid to dental hygiene, dental treatment required suitable products for conservative dentistry and there was a need for temporary filling materials. The product range was appropriately extended to meet the requirements of our customers.